Property Management Data in the Cloud

A core component of REST Suite is the REST Gateway. The gateway enables real-time, bi-directional access to the REST data store, Intuit MRI 4.0 data store and can be custom configured to access other data stores like Yardi or other 3rd party products. The gateway comes with a standard set of APIs that provide the ability to pull real-time pricing and availability from property management applications as well as push guest card, appointments and resident information back to the property management or other applications.

Customers canuse these APIs to integrate their software infrastructure without having to write and consume batch reports. Gateway data is authenticated using SHA-2 encryption and secured using SSL.

For MRI NetSource clients, the gateway does not require expensive software installation on the MRI 4.0 infrastructure because it uses the same MRI web services as MRI Access 24/7 product.

About the REST Gateway for MRI

Due to the limited availability and functionality of the application interfaces provided by MRI Software, the REST Gateway for MRI has several APIs to accommodate customer demand. New APIs can be added quickly and existing APIs can be customized for each client. The MRI API List includes:

· Get High/Low Prices By Portfolio

· Get High/Low Prices By Property

· Get Unit Count By Portfolio

· Get Unit Count By Property

· Get Unit Count By Floor Plan Class

· Create MRI Guest Card (Basic and Simple)

· Update MRI Guest Card (Basic and Simple)

· Get MRI Guest Card (Name Information)

· Create Guest Card Action

· Create Guest Card Follow-Up (MRI Scheduler)

· Get Resident Information

· Update Resident Information

· Create MRI Access 24/7 Login

· Authenticate MRI User

· Get Property List

· Get Unit Class List

· Get Leasing Agent List

· Get Marketing Source Code List