Do you need to determine if your Search Engine strategy is working?  Do you even have a strategy in place?  We can help with our analytics solution.  We take a different approach than most companies.  Our philosophy for measuring results is based on the Scientific Method. This means that we collect data through observation, experimentation and the formulation and testing of theory. We apply the Scientific Method to our clients’ goals for website traffic measurement and analysis as well as general website design and content. CSG feels that Search Engine Optimization can be based on this method only if a company can provide analysis, theory and testing of an analytics program. CSGs ability to work in both the business side to gather and test as well as the technical side to implement and monitor changes is critical for project success.

The analytics project is subscription based service with an initial setup cost and the project scope is intended for a 6 to 12 month timeframe to actively monitor and realize results of Search Engine Optimization.


The research phase starts with Client Goals. CSG will gather client requirements and goals. Like any project or goal-based program, CSG will meet with the client and produce a document that outline specific objectives related to traffic, leads and return on investment for the project.

Client Industry and Product evaluation is next and includes industry and competitive analysis. Since SEO is based around principals of marketing, it is necessary to understand the client industry, product and competitive pressures before making strategic decisions. This process will be completed using both SEO analysis tools as well as market analysis information from the client. The result of this process will be a landscape analysis report.

Once the industry, product and competitive analysis are performed, CSG will use additional SEO analysis tools to understand the Current SEO Landscape. CSG will analyze the keywords and niche, competition, partners, pay-per-click profile and site indexation. CSG will also analyze different markets in which the client competes or is interested in competing. The output of the analysis is a detailed SEO report that shows a picture of the overall client SEO market.

Another, more basic, aspect of the research phase is Technical Site Analysis. Site analysis is a page by page review of the current site for common technical issues, site architecture problems baseline competitive comparisons for each page.

The research phase gives both the client and CSG an outline of goals, industry, current SEO market and current site baseline. This phase is the basis for Scientific Method and enables CSG to show clients that their goals and objectives are being met based on observation and analysis. The outcomes of this phase are used ongoing in the lifecycle of the SEO program; it is a critical part of client success.


The design phase is a formulated based on the (4) deliverables of the research phase with the addition of an additional step for analytics and report design. The design stage will have deliverables that include action plans and steps for project completion.

1. Client Goals

2. Client Industry and Product

3. Current SEO Landscape

4. Technical Site Analysis

5. Analytics and Report Design

Client Goals

From the client goals and investment objectives, we will design a specific program that will match the overall client objectives and meet the budget of the project. The cornerstone of our design is form following function. This means CSG will not implement changes ‘just to make changes’; CSG will focus on changes that will drive success for the client.

Client Industry and Product & Current SEO Landscape

Based on the industry, competitive and partner analysis we will also design a program that may include organic, paid and affiliate based search engine solutions. CSGs intention here is to design against not only the current market, but we’re the client feels that can differentiate from their competitors or become ‘thought leaders’ in their market.

Site Analysis

The program design from the site analysis includes listing specific changes to the site content and architecture to improve SEO. Design recommendations for this aspect of the program are driven primarily by our industry-standard site analysis tool.

Analytics and Reports

The last portion of our design process includes the outline of our analytics software setup. Unlike Google Analytics, CSG uses real-time analytics software that enables clients to have granular views into the traffic on their sites. CSG will design the necessary components of the analytics to include campaigns, content groups, pages, transactions.

Action and Implementation

During the Action and Implementation phase, the action steps are delivered from the design phase. Many tasks in this stage are the technical implementation of site content and architecture changes using ‘hands-on’ data and programming. Additionally, this phase includes the installation of monitoring software and analytics for the site. This implementation stage is managed and implemented by CSG resources

Monitor and Report

In order to have measurable results CSG provides active monitoring and reporting of site SEO and traffic. Monitoring results will be measured weekly to determine conversion rates for new leads, search engine indexing and competitive analysis. Additionally, CSG provides its’ clients with most reports using a real-time report viewer so clients’ have self-service access to traffic reports, ranking analysis and competitive site scoring on their own time.

Other deliverables for the monitoring phase will include statistical analysis on the types of traffic, industries and products that are most effective on the site. This is a critical portion of using the Scientific Method of analysis and helps clients confirm hypothesis on their traffic and customer/prospects. CSG does not make definitive statements about traffic changes or measured success without statistical analysis and significance of at least 5% (